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The best way to keep in touch with neighbors and people nearby.

Neighbors who know and communicate with each other are the keys to safety and peace in city.

Meet people near

Neighborhood is the neighborhood network that allows you to connect with everyone in your neighborhood. It's a great way to say hello and meet new neighbors. Who are you near? Install Komsu, know it!

Cooperate with your neighbors

Komsu is the best social media platform customized for you to communicate and collaborate with those around you! Do you need help? Share with your neighbors, get help.

Communicate with your neighbors

People of your near speaks what about? What are they share with each other? You join them, you get to know everything.

Get news from neighborhood

New store opened? Is a store near you offering a discount? If you look at Komsu, you will learn instantly.

Find a job closer to home or looking a workers

Are you looking for work? Are you looking a trusted caregiver to your child? You're giving private lessons? Do you need to a master for repairs?

Your can shoping easily with neighbors

Share your unused items in Neighbor for free. Sell or barter to one of your neighbors without middleman.

Share their experiences

Which is the greengrocer selling the freshest produce? Are you very satisfied with your hairdresser? Share your experiences with your neighbors, support the earnings of the neighborhood tradesmen.

Reach local governments

Komsu allows you to have a stronger communication with your municipality and neighborhood headman. You can send your requests and complaints to the municipality and the neighborhood headman by using Komsu.

Neighboring Local Social Media, social media's neighborhood

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Install the Komsu mobile application, see your neighbors around, meet them.


Watch your neighbors posts, join them with new posts.


Tell your needs. Let your neighbors and related institutions support you.

Proximity setting

People in your building, site, street or neighborhood are in "Komsu". You can reach your neighbors with Komsu.

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